Geoff Lott is a “thinking person’s comic” and “drinking person’s comic.”  Born and raised near Seattle, WA, his act has a cloudy forecast with a chance of sunshine. Mix in public education, a career of corporate monkeyshines, the indelible joy of parenthood, just enough therapy...

Geoff Lott.

Geoff brings a broadly-appealing act that is opinionated and smart. With an emotional spectrum from Empathy-to-Enragement, he works clean, he works mature, he works for anybody with a sense of humor.  With an act that is less offensive than your average newscast, Lott delivers comedy from above the belt.  He’s right... for the wrong reasons.

             Choose Funny. 

          Geoff Lott.  Rules.


Geoff has worked with some of the biggest corporate clients, functions, and product launches in the country. 

Take your event up a notch, drop him a line, and add something new to your party!

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Geoff Lott is a comedian, author, writer, life skills general-manager, actor, bodyweight culturalist, amateur sous chef, world traveler, reactivist, philosoraptor, religious researcher, business manager, Director of Customer Behavior, raconteur, conspiracy theorist, dork,

and family man.

He scored 34 of 36 on the California Driver’s Test (written), including one miss for the sake of argument.


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